Safety, Rules, and Pilot Proficiency

Flight Proficiency/Solo Check

MAR/C requires a  Proficiency Check Quiz and Flight for all new members. A “New Member” is defined as someone who has not been a member for at least ONE calendar year immediately preceding the year of application.

Airfield Operating Rules  

Flight operations are governed by the Airfield Operating Rules which are posted on the King County signs at the field.  Of particular importance is that all flyers identify themselves with their valid membership badge, and that all flyers keep their models inside the Flying Area defined on the Airfield Map, to avoid upsetting our neighbors.

AMA Safety Code

Flight operations are also governed by the AMA Safety Code that applies at all AMA flying sites.  This code specifies the actions that each flyer agrees to do, or not to do, concerning the safe operation of a model aircraft. This code requires that first person view (FPV) operations comply with AMA document 550. All flyers must comply with this code.

General Safety Rules  

These rules address safety concerns that are in addition to those associated with the operation of the model aircraft.  They apply to all persons at the airfield. 

Sound Abatement Program

All model aircraft must not produce a sound level greater than 90 dBA measured at 25 feet over grass as defined by MAR/C Policy 2012-1.

Lipo Battery Disposal Policy

Club members wishing to dispose of LiPo batteries assume all responsibility for the proper disposal of their batteries. See link for further information: Battery Disposal Info