MAR/C Airfield Operating Rules

1.   All flyers must have a current Open or Youth Membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). 

2.   All flyers must have a current, visibly displayed Marymoor R/C Club (MAR/C) membership, except for special events and MAR/C guests. Guests with full AMA membership are welcome when accompanied by a MAR/C member.

3.   All flyers using 72 MHz transmitters must place their MAR/C card, or AMA card, in the slot for their radio frequency BEFORE turning on their transmitter. Flyers using 2.4GHz need not comply.

4.   All flyers must comply with the Official Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) National Model Aircraft Safety Code.   (Ref. King County Code 7.12.600)

5.   Do NOT fly over pit, spectator, or parking areas, or beyond the flight limits shown on the flying field map.  Fly only in front of the straight safety line defined by the edge of the runway and the two red and white pylon markers. 

6.   No more than five aircraft are permitted in the air at any one time. 

7.   Pilots must fly from the fenced pilot stations only.  Assistance of a spotter is permitted. 

      When any RC aircraft is flying:

  1. Only persons controlling a flying model, instructing, spotting, or searching for a lost model are allowed beyond the marked boundary approximately 25 feet back from the flight line.  
  2. No more than two persons may occupy each flying station.
  3. Escorted guests must stay behind the tables unless they are current AMA members.

8.   Perform takeoffs and hand launches from the runway only.

9.   Follow the established traffic pattern. Take off and land left to right, unless prevailing winds dictate otherwise.

10.   Do NOT taxi into the pit area.

11.   Helicopters must take off and fly from the runway and follow the same rules as the other aircraft. Helicopter pilots must fly all maneuvers no closer than the runway centerline, giving way to fixed-wing model takeoffs and landings.

12.   Do NOT perform low level aerobatics, hovering maneuvers, or high-speed passes over the runway, except when flying alone, or by prior agreement with other flyers who wish to do the same type of flying concurrently. 

13.   No Flyer, or group of Flyers shall dominate the use of the field.  Sharing of the runway and the airspace is required. 

14.   Effective mufflers are required on all engines.

15.   All aircraft must NOT produce a sound level greater than 90dBA measured at 25 feet over grass as verified by MAR/C sound level tests.  

16.   Aircraft using gas turbine engines are NOT permitted.   

17.   The use of first person view (FPV) systems and/or the use of autonomous flight control must conform to the AMA's governing requirements and procedures, as specified in AMA Document #550 and Document #560Use of a spotter is required and line of sight must be maintained. 

18.   Flyers less than 12 years of age, and all Provisional Category members, must fly under the supervision of a fully qualified adult MAR/C member. 

19.   The airfield is open for flying for electrics only, from dawn until 8am. The airfield is open for all flying (gas and electric), 8am to dusk. Please use your best judgement about the type of electric you're flying to best keep your noise profile to a minimum before 8am. Your plane should not make more noise than a 3S powered Timber.