Simple Daily Checklists

Just like in full scale aviation, there really are three different kinds of checklists you would use at different times.

  1. First Flight Inspection Checklist: used prior to the first flight of the aircraft, or prior to any flight following modifications. This one is of course very thorough.  See Preparing for First Flight
  2. Preflight checklist, conducted each time the aircraft is assembled at the field and powered up for the first flight of the day.  It's like the "walk around" that a full scale pilot would do.  Just walk around your airplane starting at the nose and check security of all critical items, such as secure engine or motor, secure wheel collars, linkages, and hinges, and of course wing attachments and all servos plugged in and secured with tape or a connector securing device.
  3. Before Takeoff checklist, accomplished prior to takeoff of every flight by memory with the aircraft powered.  An example is B A T T C:
    • Battery charge (of the transmitter)
    • Antenna (of the transmitter positioned correctly)
    • Trims (set)
    • Timer (set to time the flight to avoid running out of power or fuel)
    • Controls (all controls have full throw and move in the correct direction)