BBQ and FUN FLY this SUNDAY, Aug 21

Fun Fly and BBQ, and Board Members Needed:

Fun Fly:

Please join us for all the fun this Sunday August 21 starting at 9:00.  Aside from great food, enjoy the Limbo, and the Balloon Bust, PLUS the Not-A-Plane contest.

And finish up your entry for the the Not-a-Plane contest.  You can enter anything as long as it doesn't look like an airplane and it can fly.  Several projects are under way, but we don't know how many because the builders are keeping them secret for now!

Mowing Schedule


Our normal mowing schedule is shown on the lower right side of the Home page of our website, as follows:

  • The field is closed to flying when mowing is in progress.  Mowing must take precedence when our volunteer groundskeepers come to the field to mow. 

  • When permitted by weather and availability of our volunteers, mowing is scheduled at these times:

               Monday or Tuesday Mowing             11:30 am - 1:00 pm.

               Friday Mowing                                   3:00-5:00 pm

Open House Saturday!!

From 9:00 - 4:00, and the forecast is looking good!  

Please bring your best stuff to show off for the public.  We will be letting them a little ways into the pit area for a closer look at things.  We'll keep them behind the tables, so your flying won't be affected.

SupaTim Hanstine of Northwest Hobbies will be there to fly some of his big, very aerobatic stuff.  His 3D routines are an inspiration, even if you're not a 3D pilot.