Training and Education

This is where we share educational and how-to material for beginners and experts alike!

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Ground School.  Click on the links below to see easy-to-read lessons for each part of our flight training program, and more.

      >>  Especially, read part b) Selecting your Airplane and Radio BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING!
      >>  Part (a) tells what organizations you need to join.  (KIDS UNDER 18 ARE FREE!)

      a) Getting Started in Training
      b) Selecting Your Airplane and Radio
      c) How Training Works
      d) How Planes Fly
      e) Flight Training Phases and Your Training Log
      f) Phase 1 - Preflight and Taxi
      g) Phase 2 - Orientation and Traffic Pattern
      h) Phase 3 - Approach and Landing
      i) Phase 4 - Takeoff
      j) Phase 5 - Advanced Orientation and Aerobatics
      k) Flight proficiency check
      l) Radios and Electronic Speed Controls
      m) Your next airplane after training

(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)  Click on the link to see the lesson we used at our STEM day at the field, geared toward middle school students.  Basic aeronautic principles are applied to the training airplanes that the students fly.

Aero 101  
Why does my plane do that??  Click the link to see three presentations given at our club meetings on various aspects of aeronautical engineering applied to radio controlled airplanes.