Lost Charger

Did anyone pick up a Hitec Charger and about 8 Spectrum Smart batteries after the Thursday Club Meeting. If so, will you give Chris Randall a call at 2590906 0312.

Artists, Float Planes and Uncle Sam

Hi there, I hope your summer has been great fun so far.

Artistic Web Designer Needed

We want our website to to be appealing to more people, and make it easier and more fun to use.  What we need is someone with artistic talent in designing websites.  If you'd like to join a small team to make that happen, contact any of the board members. 

Float Planes Coming in Low!


Our Training Team is working very very hard in the final weeks and need help of any kind.  Even if you don't want to instruct, you can help check people in, charge batteries, and keep things flowing smoothly.

If you can help in any way, please email Brian Burk at

IF YOU ARE ALREADY AN INSTRUCTOR, email Brian to tell him which of the three remaining Tuesdays you can commit to.

In these final weeks it gets tough because some of our instructors are on vacation and at the same time the number of students seems to increase.


One of the most rewarding things you can do is to help newcomers.  You may be more qualified than you think!  

We still BADLY need volunteers to be pre-flight inspectors, greeters, crew chiefs, and instructors in our Tuesday Evening Training Program.  Many students are showing up and we are short-handed.

Please consider the gift of your time to the program, and help others into the hobby.  Just show up 5-8 pm on Tuesdays.  You need not check in with anyone first.

if you have any questions, Contact Brian Burk at


Virtual Safety Stand-Down -- All Pilots Must Read

I wanted to write a note about all the great stuff happening at the field now that the weather is nice, and all the activities we have planned for the summer as we begin to shift back to a pre-pandemic situation.  I will do that, because this is a fun hobby.  But first this long letter – I beg you to read it.