Do you have skills you can pass on to others?

People learning to fly RC planes

The crummy season has set in and we’re hunting for the odd day we can get down to the field to fly between the raindrops. It’s a reminder of how much the hobby means to us, and how important it is for us to help new fliers get to the stage where they, too, will develop a healthy distrust of the accuracy of the forecast and risk a trip to Marymoor ‘just in case’ there’s a dry window for a couple of flights.

With that in mind please start to think about whether you might be able to take the opportunity to help those new fliers and join the club training effort. We have planned a few changes this year to our May-August program, adding flexibility to accommodate student and instructor commitments outside of flying. We have three goals in mind: enable more skilled club members to join in as instructors, work with those busy schedules of everyone involved, and – perhaps most important – graduate more proficient fliers to join the club so they too can enjoy all we have to offer.

E-mail with your details if you think you can help in any capacity, or if you’d just like more info. We need flight instructors of course but also general helpers to charge batteries, help with quick mechanical and technical fixes, manage ad-hoc enquiries at the field, and so on.

It really is a lot of fun spending some time building students’ skills while enjoying the field on those glorious PNW summer evenings!