Parking or Driving on the Grass, No More

Hello All,

The days are starting to get longer, and we’ve had some great weather recently.  We hope to see you at the field soon getting those fingers and thumbs working again.

Park employees have observed some of our club members driving or parking on the grass between the fence and parking lot.  Park management has told us that multiple King County codes prohibit parking or driving on the grass.  We’ve also learned that when some of us do, it upsets the employees whose job is to protect the beauty of the park. 

So, from now on we must not park on the grass or even drive on it to unload planes before parking in the lot.  I recognize this is inconvenient for some of you, but please recognize that Marymoor Park is our host.  While we have a multi-year agreement with them, we can’t take the arrangement for granted.

The best approach to keeping our jewel of an RC field has always been to preserve excellent relations with park management and employees that take care of the park.  We work with them regularly on many issues such as assuring safety of other park patrons, economical payment agreements, mowing the outfield so we can more easily find our planes, and most recently substantial funding and support for our construction project.

For all that, the least we can do is help them keep the grass healthy by not driving on it.  The only exceptions are the few park employees that must drive on the grass to do their jobs, such as collecting our garbage. 

Thanks for your attention.  Let’s all remain friends with Marymoor Park.

Brian Kelly (BK1)

   and your Board of Directors.