Charging Access M-W

     Starting Monday, the King County electrical crew will be digging a trench from the large electrical box at the west end of our current charging tent to the southwest corner of the future storage building and north end of the new charging shelter.  They will lay in conduit, and then fill it in by Wednesday.

     There will be fencing around the trench. We believe flyers will still be able to access the power outlets and tables by passing around the north side of the electrical box. Please be careful around any holes and any wiring you happen to see.  Also, please do not move or attempt to defeat the fencing.  If the fencing does get in our way we will live with it for a few days.  The weather is going to be pretty dismal anyway.

     Power to our current charging outlets will stay during construction.  There will only be a brief interruption in service just before we open the new charging shelter and remove power from the old one.

     - BK1