Pilot Mentors Needed

Hi All,

Our training season ended last Tuesday - actually, we were rained out.    Regrettably, some of our students didn’t get to “graduate” at least partly because of it.  Overall the season was a big success with most of our available training slots used every session all season.   

The training team has identified about 8 trainees that seem motivated and would likely want to finish the training.   If some of you would be willing to work with a single trainee to help them become a proficient pilot,  we can add 8 new pilots to our ranks, and we would be doing a great service to these pilots, the hobby, and our greater community,

Please get back to me if you feel inspired to mentor one of these trainees though to full proficiency status.   My hope is that there will be enough volunteers to work with all the students on our list without too much delay.   

Bill Mears
Marymoor R/C Training Manager