FRIA Approved!!


If you've been reading the articles in your Model Aviation magazine about the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for Remote ID, you will be happy to hear that our application for a FRIA at Marymoor RC has been approved.  

FRIA stands for Federally Recognized Identification Area.   

The FAA treats all RC planes, helicopters, sailplanes, and drones etc. as Unmanned Aerial Systems, or UAS.  

By Federal Law, if you are flying a UAS outside a FRIA after September 16, you must have a REMOTE ID device LIKE THIS ONE onboard to report location, speed, and altitude.  

Therefore, if you are flying at Marymoor RC field, you are not required to have a remote ID device onboard your UAS.  

In addition we should all take the easy and simple TRUST online test, administered by the AMA for the FAA.  

An FAA representative can ask you to show:

     > That you have taken the TRUST test  

     > Evidence of your up to date UAS registration number

     > Your number written on your UAS 

The FAA has recently updated their UAS Registration page, and sent a somewhat confusing email to all of us about updating your registration.  Thankfully, AMA has Instructions on how to do it.

So please, take the TRUST test, make sure your UAS registration is up to date, and make sure your UAS number is on all of your planes, helicopters, drones, etc.

Welcome to the brave new world of RC.