Special Membership Offer!! (and more news)

Special Membership Offer to Return from the Pandemic, Events, New Board Member, and Marymoor Park Master Plan (Click Read More)

Special Membership Offer to Return from the Pandemic

Our membership numbers are down this year, possibly due to the pandemic.  We miss seeing you!

If you were an adult member in 2019 or 2020 and have not renewed your membership yet, please consider this special, one-time offer.  Membership renewals between now and the end of 2021 will be valid through December 31, 2022.

That’s almost 18 months of membership for the price of 12!  We are doing this because we miss seeing you!  We’re not concerned about the financial condition of the club – we’re in good shape.

(Remember that our current policy is that anyone who renews their membership in October, November, or December has their membership extend through the following calendar year.)



We’re in the midst of summer and it’s been glorious, except for that little hot spell.

  • Scale Contest just finished this weekend
  • Swap Meet (Yes!) – Be there this Saturday, July 24 from 8:00 to 1:00.  Field will re-open at 1:00, or possibly a bit earlier.  As we near re-opening time, the row of tables nearest the flight line will be reserved for fliers.  The back row of tables will remain available for sellers.
  • August 24 – The Great Fun Fly!  The events can be flown best using simple planes that aren’t too fast, like a Timber for example.  Bring yours and be ready to try out some new skills.  Our youth members are designing the events, so it will be fun!

Attendance at the Scale meet was down compared to previous years because we did not advertise much, being careful about our exit from the pandemic.  We had a great time anyway, and we already have several ideas for improvement, including a clinic a month before the event so you can learn how judging works and get yourself and your plane(s) ready.  And we’ll get the word out on the AMA calendar and make sure all the other local clubs know about it.


New Board Member

Micah Truman has left the board because his time is needed to start up his new business.  We wish him well, but we’ll miss his unique wisdom.   We thank him for his years of help and credit him especially with the creation of the new Youth Board Member position.

Following articles V(6) and VI(5) in our by-laws, the board has appointed Shai Hinitz to fill Micah’s position between now and the next regular election in November.  Shai brings many years of model building, flying at Marymoor, passion for our special field, and a lot of other interesting life experience.   He’ll be a great addition to the board and will initially work on outreach and public relations for the club.  You can find our by-laws in the Members Only section of our website if you log in.


Marymoor Park Master Plan Review

We recently received word from the park manager, Norah Robinson, that there are some management changes happening.  She will get a new boss, who is not known yet, but her role will remain the same.  Norah has been a good supporter of our club over the years and always very helpful.

One result of the new management will be that a review of the Marymoor Park Master Plan will take place sometime in the near future.  Something like this holds the possibility that other park users or voters might have different ideas for our field than we do.  To get ready for this, both Shai and myself will become actively involved in meetings of Friends of Marymoor Park, or FOMP.  FOMP is a meeting of many people representing interests of various park users from the Pea Patch to the Off Leash Dog Area, to bird-watchers, or the folks that manage the concert venue.  This organization will get an early look at any plans and will have a voice.  It will be our job to be an effective voice.  There is no action to take yet other than to get tied in as best we can.  There is no threat to our field that we know of, but we will be diligent.  To prepare, we are putting together a presentation to educate others about the club and field, and Zach has indicated willingness to help with a promotional video.

In the meantime, let’s continue to run our safe and fun operation for all.  Don’t forget to do those Fail-Safe and Range Checks.  And teach others how.

Have fun, fly safely.  Happy Landings.