Membership Agreement

       Marymoor R/C Club Membership Agreement


Pilot responsibility

I agree that the pilot of a radio-controlled aircraft is responsible for the safe operating condition of the aircraft and controls, and safe conduct of the flight and ground operations. I promise to abide by and uphold the rules of the club and the AMA safety code. I recognize that the rules of the club exist to promote safety, camaraderie, enjoyment, and education for all members.



As a member of Marymoor RC Club or the parent or guardian of a youth member, I understand that operating or being in the presence of radio-controlled aircraft exposes others and myself to hazards such as, but not limited to serious injury from spinning propellers or being struck by an aircraft. I agree that the probability of injury or death can be reduced to a very high degree, but not eliminated by adhering to the club rules and the AMA Safety Code, flying within my abilities, and exercising good judgment.


Hold Harmless and Release of Liability

In consideration for my use of the facility known as the Edward B. Sand Memorial Model Airfield at Marymoor Park in King County, I agree to hold harmless the Marymoor RC Club, it's officers, volunteers, or any other members, from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, in case it shall be necessary to file an action arising out of my presence and use of the Edward B. Sand Memorial Model Airfield site as authorized by the King County Parks Department, which is for bodily injury, illness or death or for property damage, caused in whole or part by my negligent act or omission or the negligent acts or omissions of other club members, officers, or volunteers.

This instrument shall act also as a full and complete release of any and all liability which may or may not accrue to the Marymoor RC Club, its officers, volunteers, or any other members of the Marymoor RC Club or members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics as a result of my use of the club RC field and its activities.

This instrument shall remain in full force and effect until cancelled in writing by me or the Marymoor RC Club, AMA Charter 1610.


Parent or Guardian Signature for Youth Applications

For new youth member applications: Please print, fill out, sign and ask a parent or guardian to sign and date this form.  You must scan this completed form and email it to, in addition to completing your online registration. If you do not have a scanner, please email a well-lit photo of the agreement.


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Parent or Guardian Full Name, Printed


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