MAR/C Proficiency Check or Solo Quiz

  1. Are you a MARC member?  If not, have you applied for MARC membership online?
  2. What are the two national organizations that standardize or legally enforce rules for flying models? (Choose 2.)
    1. Redmond Fire Department (RFD)
    2. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
    3. King County Parks (KCP)
    4. Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
    5. King County Sheriff

  3. Under the Federal Aviation Administration Small Unmanned Aircraft System (FAA sUAS) program, what altitude must you stay below when flying anywhere, including Marymoor RC field?
    1. 200 feet (2 times the height of the big tree)
    2. 300 feet (3 times the height of the big tree)
    3. 200 meters (6 times the height of the big tree)
    4. 400 feet (4 times the height of the big tree)

  4. What are the most important things in your Before First Flight of the Day Checklist?
    1. Control linkages secure at both ends
    2. Engine or motor secure
    3. Hinges secure
    4. Propeller nut tight
    5. All of the above and more

  5. For safety, what are the two most important items on your Before Takeoff Checklist done just before every takeoff?
    1. Transmitter battery good
    2. Trims set
    3. Timer set
    4. Controls move in the correct direction
    5. Throttle cut function works

  6. How many pilots or aircraft are allowed to fly at any one time at the Marymoor Field?
    1. One for each flying station (5)
    2. No more than two for each flying station (10)
    3. Two flying formation for one flying station, and one for the rest
    4. Four flying formation using two flying station and one for the rest

  7. What are the sizes of the airplane silhouettes on the left and right boundary markers?
    1. 72 inches for the white outline and 90 inches for the black outline (typical sizes of large 30cc and 50cc aerobatic airplanes)
    2. 48 inches for the white outline and 72 inches for the black outline (typical sizes of a trainer and a more advanced airplane)
    3. It does not matter, they just indicate the far boundary
    4. Nobody cares

  8. What do the markers with the red and white triangles mean?
    1. They are pylons to mark your turn and you may turn around them
    2. They line up with the flight stations and indicate the flight line boundary you must stay south of
    3. They indicate the runway center line
    4. They indicate half the distance to the airplane-shaped signs

  9. What park areas are just outside left and right of our boundaries?
    1. Dog park
    2. Bird watching trails
    3. Bike trail
    4. All of the above

  10. When flying, what callouts are you expected to make?
    1. Coming out (from the left or right)
    2. Taking off (from the left or right)
    3. Landing (from the left or right)
    4. Everything on the sign at the flying station

  11. When are you allowed to fly a low pass over the runway?
    1. Any time
    2. Any time after you make the call out
    3. Enough time after your callout for others to remain clear
    4. Enough time after your callout for others to agree
    5. C and D

  12. What are the three most important radio checks you must do before flying a model that has undergone changes or is new to you?
    1. Range Check
    2. SAFE and AS3X function checks
    3. Fail Safe function check
    4. Control directions check
    5. Trims are set

  13. Which of the following should you do before you plug in the battery on an electric powered aircraft?
    1. ESC switch is off if there is one
    2. Power plug on the plane is pulled if there is one
    3. Airplane is restrained
    4. Transmitter is on and correct model is selected
    5. Receiver switch is on if it has its own battery
    6. Assume the propeller could move and hurt you
    7. All of the above

  14. What is the single most important thing you can do before safely starting a gas or glow powered aircraft?
    1. Check the throttle stick position
    2. Make sure the airplane is restrained
    3. Turn on the transmitter and receiver
    4. Make sure the prop nut is tight

  15. The best way to put out a Lithium Battery fire is:
    1. Use the nearest fire extinguisher
    2. Put sand on it from the bucket at the charging station
    3. Unplug the charger
    4. All of the above

  16. There are Marymoor RC Club rules that have to do with which of the following (check all that apply):
    1. Membership and registration
    2. Pilot proficiency
    3. Airplanes in safe working order
    4. Protecting people
    5. Courtesy
    6. Helping others learn to fly
    7. Wearing hats and shoes
    8. Hand launching your transmitter