News from the FFFaBBQ !

If you weren't there, we're sorry we missed you.  The annual FFFaBBQ, Family Fun Fly and BBQ (pronounced FaB Q?) was a hit! Perfect weather, great attendance, delicious food, thrills, spills, and togetherness.

Special thanks to the parents of the Youth for enabling the kids to fly and learn.  This year the Youth organized and executed several of the events, and everything ran so smoothly!  They are our future, and it's looking bright.  We love events that mix up youth and adults.  Youth benefit from mentoring, and adults are reminded how much FUN the hobby can be.

Well Done Ian Craig-Lundry, our Youth Board Member for fun-loving leadership.

Many thanks to 3DKen and Victor for the awesome lunchtime airshows.  Victor flew his HUGE Bushmaster - it looked so real!  Ken flew his big Laser as only he can, but sadly made the ultimate sacrifice for our amazement when his aerobat's wing literally shattered pulling some serious G's.  We really thought he would just knife edge and hover it to a landing.  

Not least, many thanks to Chris Randall, our Amazing Chef and hard-working event organizer.

Don't forget to sell stuff at the SWAP MEET on Sept 9, and buy something new to fly while the good weather lasts, or to create when the weather fails us!