President's News

-- Time to Renew and get a Free Sticker!

-- Swap Meet

-- Update on the Construction Project

-- AMA Jamboree


Hi Everyone,

Please Renew:

If you have not already done so, please renew your membership so that you are all set to start flying when the mood strikes.  We usually get some good weather in April as soon as the March storms are done, so this is a good time to do it.  Also, you'll get a free MAR/C sticker with our logo.

Swap Meet:

We're having a Swap Meet THIS SATURDAY at the field in lieu of this month's club meeting.  Dust off the planes you want to sell and com see the huge amount of stuff the club has to sell that has been donated to us.

Our Construction Project:

You may not see it but we are making progress toward the new, larger storage shed and permanent charging shelter with more charging stations.  Soil testing is done, and that information will enable final engineering on the charging structure.  It's hard to predict when permits and contracted work will finally come together, but we're hoping mid to late summer.

AMA Jamboree:

This year's AMA Jamboree for our district will be at Sanderson Field near Shelton, WA.  I'm told it will be a good one, with a strong turnout from vendors, raffles, auctions, demonstrations, and flying. Here's the flyer:

Happy Landings,


AMA Jamboree 2023