BBQ and FUN FLY this SUNDAY, Aug 21

Fun Fly and BBQ, and Board Members Needed:

Fun Fly:

Please join us for all the fun this Sunday August 21 starting at 9:00.  Aside from great food, enjoy the Limbo, and the Balloon Bust, PLUS the Not-A-Plane contest.

And finish up your entry for the the Not-a-Plane contest.  You can enter anything as long as it doesn't look like an airplane and it can fly.  Several projects are under way, but we don't know how many because the builders are keeping them secret for now!  Over the decades, people in the hobby have done lawn mowers, Snoopy dog houses, Superman, birds, fish, etc.  What can you make fly??  How awesome it looks is half your score!

Scoring criteria were developed by our youth community.  Points will be awarded by judges in 3 different categories after a demo flight by the builder

  • Looks, flight performance/stability and aerobatic capability

  • Looks will be scored out of 20pts, with the other 2 categories being scored out of 10

  • In the case of a tie, builders will be subject to a “fly down” where they fly again against the plane whom they are in a tie with and it will be put to a vote from the audience


Board of Directors Candidates Needed:

Our annual elections are coming soon.  Two of our current members, Brian L. Kelly (BK2) and Mike Powell are retiring from the Board after many years of dedicated service to the club.  

SO, we need at least two people to run in the upcoming elections.  Three of the nine board positions are open each year, for a 3 year term.  The exact tasks of each board member are decided by vote of the whole board in the December board meeting.  

If you would like to give back to the club by being one of the nine board members, please let me or any other board member know.  In making your decision, it is helpful to read our by-laws (just a couple pages) and the roles and responsibilities of various board positions on our website.  You will have to log in to be able to see those things.

Enjoy our great summer weather!

Happy Landings,

Brian D. Kelly (BK1)