Board Member Election

On October 21 candidates received so far will be announced by email and at the club meeting.  We will also accept nominations from the “floor” virtually, because it will be a Zoom meeting.  Read on for the schedule, and what to do if you want to run.

If you wish to run, on or before October 26, write a few paragraphs for a statement to go on the ballot about why you wish to be a Board Member.  Send that, and a photograph of yourself to be used on the ballot to the club Secretary using the "Contact MAR/C" link on our website, or click here:

Board candidates must be adult members (19 or older on July 1 of this year) in good standing.

The voting age in our by-laws was revised this year.  Members in good standing 13 years of age and older at the time they vote are eligible to vote.

The schedule of election events is:

October 26      
Last day that ballot statements will be accepted

October 28                 
Ballots will be emailed to members

Nov. 4-11      
Members may vote online during this time

November 18   
Results will be announced by email, posted on our website, and announced at the November club meeting.