Artists, Float Planes and Uncle Sam

Hi there, I hope your summer has been great fun so far.

Artistic Web Designer Needed

We want our website to to be appealing to more people, and make it easier and more fun to use.  What we need is someone with artistic talent in designing websites.  If you'd like to join a small team to make that happen, contact any of the board members. 

Float Planes Coming in Low!

This time of year we see more full scale float planes flying just over our airspace and occasionally lower.  When this happens, especially if they sneak up from behind us, people in the pits need to help the fliers stay clear by yelling loudly, "FULL SCALE FLOAT PLANE!!" so they can decrease their altitude.

FEDERAL LAW Limits us to 400 feet 

Please read the 9 requirements for recreational unmanned aerial systems (UAS) here.  Marymoor park is in Class E airspace, so number 5 applies to us.


It is sad that a few bad and dumb drone operators flying near airports and airliners, plus the pipe dream of delivering packages to everyone with a drone has resulted in powerful industrial and regulatory forces affecting us.  Now even RC airplanes are regulated by the Federal Government.  But, it is a fact and we must live with it.

If even one full scale float plane pilot feels concerned enough by seeing an RC airplane, helicopter, or drone above 400 feet and reports to the FAA, this could cause major problems for our field.

4 "Trees" High

400 feet gives us a fair amount of room.  The big tree you see straight out in front of you when you fly is right around 100 feet above ground level (we've measured it with drones).  So try to stay below 4 trees.  If you see others flying higher, please tell them about the law and the need to preserve our precious field.