MAR/C Re-Opening May 8th: Distancing Guidelines

Hello everyone – we hope you’ve all been keeping healthy during quarantine and getting some new builds ready for flying! 

Over the last couple weeks we have been working with the leadership personnel for Marymoor Park as well as members of our board for a plan to safely reopen our flying field. Our plan is set within both CDC and King County Park’s policies. 

These guidelines will be in effect for the time being and if/when changes occur we will update everyone promptly. They will be listed on each of the pit tables for reference as well.


1. Maintain a mandatory six-foot separation from all other flyers in all areas of our facility, including at the flight line.

2. Please remember to try and bring your hand sanitizer, wipes, and to keep your hands clean. Wearing masks is optional outdoors per King County Guidelines

3. For buddy boxing: wireless training is preferred and either the student/instructor must be outside of the cage for proper distancing. 

4. Charging Stations: please wait your turn to approach the tables ensuring the six foot separation is met. There generally is not a large congregation at the tables but please do your best to abide by the distancing.


That's it for distancing guidelines - here are a few things we have done with our equipment to further promote distancing:

-Pit tables – please note that we have separated the tables into two rows all spaced at least six feet apart. 

-Chairs - we would like to ask for the time being that members bring their own chairs to the field. The smooth surfaces on the chairs is a hot spot for viruses (as opposed to the coarse pit table surfaces). We will be storing them away until the CDC deems it otherwise safe.

-Picnic tables have been removed to avoid congregation or shared table space.

We will have an update regarding our plans for the Tuesday Night Training Program within the next week as well.

Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure we can safely reopen without issue: as long as we as a group can be safe and maintain distancing, we will not need to restrict the total number of pilots allowed within the field, which we would prefer to avoid for difficulty policing it. This shouldn't be necessary so long as the guidelines are adhered to, and knowing our membership, we are confident in this base set of policies being sufficient for the time being.

We expect this weekend to be tempting for a large number of pilots to want to come with the forecast looking up as of now. We urge everyone to monitor the webcams and do your best to avoid crowding. Pick tables that are one away from other pilots unless more are present, and please help us teach everyone how to follow the guidelines.

I know this is a difficult and strange time for everyone, but it is important that we both as a club and a community join to maintain proper social distancing to safely re-open our field as well as all other aspects of our lives. By keeping your distance, you are saving lives.


MAR/C Board of Directors