Help needed with club website and field webcams

We invite members to volunteer to assist with our website (, and webcams ( There are many aspects to our hobby, and our club includes some opportunities to explore the “ones and zeros” aspect!

If you have technical experience with web content development and/or Linux, or a strong incentive to learn, please contact us using the Contact (  link on the website.

Some details:
The website is built on Drupal 8.x. We have a few custom Drupal modules (PHP 7.x) to help facilitate membership processing and displaying webcam and weather content.
We adhere to a few guidelines for website content:

  • The website creates a welcoming online presence for club charter and event information, and information on how to join and learn about our hobby.
  • Provides an administrative service for our Membership Coordinator to process new membership requests and membership renewals.
  • Provides an online payment method via PayPal, for various club fees and events.
  • Serves as a resource for members in good standing, including use of the club member roster, updated club rules, meeting minutes, and email newsletters and notifications.
  • Membership privacy is strictly protected; it's not a social media platform ?

The webcams and weather station images and data are processed at the field locally using a Raspberry Pi, and then transferred to the website via a dedicated internet connection. We plan to upgrade our Raspberry Pi to the latest hardware and software, and this is a great opportunity to get in at the start.