We will go ahead with this meeting for all instructors and helpers even though the weather forecast is a little wet.  

Saturday, April 22 (TOMORROW!).   9:00 am   at the Field.

We'll meet under the charging shelter to go over "Notes for Instructors" and trade ideas for teaching technique.  This is to get the best ideas from everyone, and use them.  I will have paper handouts available.

After about 3:30 today (Friday), you should be able to look at "Notes for Instructors" under the Training and Education pull-down menu on our website. 

PLEASE have a look at "Notes for Instructors" on our website before you come to the meeting tomorrow so you have your best thoughts on training technique ready to share.  The "Notes" are intended as a starting point, waiting for better ideas to be gathered and incorporated tomorrow.

If the weather cooperates after the meeting, for those that want to we will practice buddy box flying by playing roles as instructors and students.   New instructors can become familiar with the transmitters and planes they will use this summer and we can scare them half to death by giving them some practice at catching errors and taking over.

If the weather is too ugly to fly the trainers, we'll try again to do that part next Saturday.  But regardless of weather, we'll do the first part of the meeting tomorrow, April 22.

See you at the field!

Brian D. Kelly (BK1)


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