Presiden't Message - FAA, Propellors, and More


The Lake Sawyer Hawks fly on floats near Seward Park on Thursday mornings.  One of their members tried to grab a Timber, who's throttle went full forward after the transmitter was dropped.  He grabbed the wing, and the plane whipped around and the prop got him in the wrist.  It cut an artery, resulting in a LOT of blood and quick first aid (with a a tourniquet!), followed by a ride in the ambulance.  He is OK now, but it could have been much worse without quick action.

Witnesses want us to know that (1) it was ONLY a 4s battery in a plane that was not large, and (2) unlike internal combustion engines, when an electric prop hits something, the motor does not stop -- it keeps on trying to spin and cut.

Also, in our own pits a couple weeks ago, one of our pilots bumped his throttle after hand-rolling his 6s sized plane into the pits.  The plane jumped ahead and carved up his other plane.  Fortunately, not himself or a bystander.


1.  Electric props are just as dangerous as internal combustion engines, maybe more in some ways.

2.  Program that Throttle Cut function, and then USE IT.  Develop a habit to move the switch to Cut every time you taxi in and every time you shut down the airplane.

3.  Unplug the battery at your earliest opportunity

I prefer to make a mix which puts throttle cut on a knob instead of a switch.  I think it's less likely to be bumped into the Go position.  (and less likely to be bumped into Cut while I'm flying!)  I have a habit of turning that knob to Cut every time I taxi in and stop the motor at the signs.  I use the same knob to cut throttle on my gas airplanes so that my habit is consistent.



Many of you have received an email from your friendly Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) saying that taking the new TRUST test online is required.  Some of your board members have done so, and say the test is easy.  If they can do it, I'm sure you can.  MAR/C will not check for this.  AMA does not require you to do this to renew your membership.  It's between you and the FAA, but we recommend you take the test. 



In order to have the all nine board members, we need more people to run in the October election (soon!).  If you have time to help us determine how to run the club, please contact any of the board members, or use the Contact page on our website.



The red tape is unraveling slowly, but we're getting there.  We've submitted a comprehensive initial plan to our County representative, who will get us on the calendar soon to talk with the permitting folks.   Then we'll know exactly what to do for our final proposal.  Also, we are close to getting a new agreement that will take the place of the Special Use Agreement and enable the County to pay for a substantial amount of our project, and other stuff in the future.

Get out to our beautiful field while the good weather is still here!

Happy Landings

Brian D. Kelly (BK1)