How to update your website contact information

It's the beginning of a new membership year, and a good time to make sure your contact information on the website is up to date.

TL;DR Log in, search for yourself on the Club Roster, click Edit login, and save your changes. Then get back to your build project :)

All members can edit their contact information (email, phone, etc) directly on the website. Here are the steps needed, with screenshot images to help illustrate for both mobile and desktop:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the MAR/C website.

    For mobile: click on the hamburger button on the upper right, then click LOG IN; if you see LOG OUT, skip to #2.


    For desktop: LOG IN is located on the upper right:


    If you forgot your password, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Reset password; an email with instructions will be sent.
    If you forgot your email, send me a message by clicking on Contact:


  2. Once logged in, click on HOME, then on Club Member Roster located on the home page Members Only section.

    For mobile: Members Only appears after the MAR/C logo/information section, and above Join MAR/C:


    For desktop: Look on the left side and click on Club Member Roster:


  3. Type in any combination of your first and last name, or AMA #, and press Apply. This will filter the roster and display your contact information:

    For mobile (and similar for desktop):



  4. Find the line with your correct full name, and press Edit login. This brings you to the edit account form, where you can save your updated contact information.
    Only you can edit your contact information (you won't see an edit link for other users).

All active members in good standing can use the Club Member Roster to search for fellow members' contact information. Please remember to respect everyone's privacy.

Contact me if you have any questions. I hope to see you at the field!

Thanks, Joel