Hi Everyone,



     Steve Woodward has been Treasurer and an indispensable talent on the board during the multi-year development and execution of our airfield improvement project.  While he will continue to oversee the project, he has decided to step out of the Treasurer role.  Steve has important fish to catch (and maybe release) this summer, and we hope to see him at the field enjoying his RC planes as well.  We will miss his talents greatly.  Guillaume Simonnet, who joined the board last November has graciously volunteered to take on the role of Treasurer.

     To fill the board position left by Steve, we have appointed Mir Ali to be an interim board member from now until the election in October.  You all know Mir as a frequent flyer of EDFs, and a willing helper.  He has a 7 year-old son who has the itch and is learning to fly.  We look forward to his new perspectives on the board.



Most of the rules are the same as the old ones.  So why have we updated them?

  • Organized to be less intimidating to new pilots and easier to learn and remember

  • Cover safe practices with newer technology radios (Fail Safe and Range Check)

  • Propeller safety in the pits

  • Put those FAA regulations relevant to flying at MAR/C in context with our other rules

  • Put all registrations and memberships in one place, and clarify the guest policy

We have had the same set of rules on the big sign at the entrance for a while, but times have changed.   The updated rules are now posted on our website, and we’ll begin working with the Park to design new signs in a few weeks.

Please read them – it won’t take long.  Click HERE to go to the updated rules on the MAR/C website.

To illustrate the organization, a shortened outline of the updated rules would look like this:



  • Guests are not allowed inside the fence without an escort by a club member.

  • Unattended children and guests are not allowed at or beyond the line of tables.

  • Pets must be on a leash and must remain behind the line of tables.

  • Model rockets are not allowed.


RULES FOR PILOTS  (Abbreviated outline -- full set HERE)

I.    The pilot is solely responsible for safe flight

          A.  Fly in a safe manner

          B.  Maintain safe aircraft

          C.  Proficiency

II.   Be courteous, work with others to foster a culture of learning and fun

III.  Maintain your federal registrations and national and local memberships