Send your feedback about the Major League Cricket Stadium proposal

In our November club meeting, the topic of the proposed Major League Cricket Stadium came up. I'm sharing the communication that was emailed to club members a few weeks ago asking for feedback on the matter. Please send your comments to

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Shai Hinitz, 

MaR/C Vice President


In February 2022, the Friends of Marymoor Park ("FOMP", which MaR/C belongs to), was surprised to read in the local media that a professional cricket facility was proposed for Marymoor Park [link to article]. Reportedly, the complex would occupy approximately 20 acres across the street from the MaR/C airfield, and include a stadium developed to host major league cricket, including potential World Cup matches. When asked, King County staff informed Friends of Marymoor Park ("FOMP") that, at the direction of the King County Council, the proposal was being evaluated. FOMP raised questions and concerns, and was assured that public input would be solicited as part of the evaluation process.

Since that initial meeting, FOMP has regularly requested updates from King County staff, who have responded that the proposal remained under evaluation, and that no additional information about the evaluation process or any progress or outcome was available. At the same time, several published articles and interviews in the media described progress and implicit support for the project.

At its monthly meetings, FOMP has discussed the proposed professional cricket facility and the impact it may have on Marymoor Park and the park users. In August, these discussions were captured in a letter addressed to King County Councilmember Balducci, whose district includes Marymoor Park.  A copy of that letter is attached to this email.  In early October FOMP received a response from Councilmember Balducci that explained “the potential for a cricket facility in this area can be consistent with Marymoor Park’s mission, and consistent with King County’s goal to provide public open spaces and recreation opportunities that maximize accessibility and are equitably distributed.” The letter further explained that "this venue would serve local youth and adult recreational cricketers, as well as serve as the home facility for a Major League Cricket team and related events. The venue being proposed would also have the potential for multi-use fields that could serve recreational youth soccer leagues.”

Details about the proposed professional cricket facility and its operations have not been provided. In particular, it is unclear how recreational cricket, as well as other recreational sports, benefit from a Major League Cricket facility constructed in Marymoor Park. Therefore, the questions and concerns raised in FOMP’s letter remain outstanding.

The FOMP Board would now like to solicit input from Marymoor Park users, community groups, neighbors and interested area residents. We would like to know your opinion regarding the proposed professional cricket facility. Your feedback will inform the FOMP board during future communication with King County. Please send your comments to

Thank you.