News from the President

First Aid Lock Combination, Preparations for Construction, AMA Gold Club Status, Field Activities and "Clinics"

The lock combination to the First Aid Kit in the frequency hutch is 9-1-1-1    
Please write this down on your badge. Or commit it to your steel trap memory!  Letting all members know in this note seems to us the best way for most of us to know how to get into the box, and still have some theft protection.  The kit includes supplies needed for bad cuts.  Don't hesitate to use it if needed.  Just let anyone on the board know if you do, or if you see that the kit has been depleted., or email us at

In preparation for constructing the new charging shelter and storage shed, there are utility location flags and paint on the ground near the charging station.  Please don't mess with flags -- leave them in place.  They need to be there for some time as we gradually work through permitting so we can start construction.

Also in preparation for our new buildings, on Feb 22 there will be a GeoTech soil inspection.  People will be hand-auguring deep holes in the area of our new storage shed and charging shelter at the east end of the pit area.  There should be no interference with our activities, but when they come, please give them space to work.

Our club, AMA Charter #1610, applied for and has been granted AMA "Gold Club" Status!  This means we follow the best practices for the best clubs and gives us a way to tell the community we have been recognized as such.  

One requirement is that we make donations to a charity.  This year we donated $500 to the AMA Scholarship Fund.  But in coming years we can choose others, and the amount is up to us.  Do you have a favorite local charity that you think would be appropriate for MARC to “adopt” for annual donation or donations of proceeds from charity events?  Let us know., or email us at

The Board is discussing more activities at the field.  One idea is “clinics” for some hands-on enhancements of your skills or knowledge.  What kinds of clinics would you like?  How to fly 3D?  Programming your radio for better flying qualities?  How to best be an instructor?  Aero Towing Sailplanes?  What kind of clinic would you like to help with?  LET US KNOW what you WANT!!, or email us at

On behalf of your Board of Directors,

Happy Landings!

Brian Kelly (BK1)