Open Call for Instructors and Aspiring Instructors

Training season is upon us! One of the most significant contributions that our club does for our community is to provide free flight training to anyone that is interested. To make this happen we need a team of volunteer instructors to teach young and young at heart students. If you have been an instructor before, please consider volunteering again this year. If you want to instruct but think you need some guidance, we are planning on running a ‘teach the instructor’ session to get you up to speed.

We all know that model aviation is a great hobby mixing all aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Teaching brings the reward of sharing your passion and knowledge with someone that wants to learn. For the young students you may be playing a major part in directing that person’s career, for older students you will open up a new activity that they will enjoy for years to come.

We do training on Tuesday nights from 5pm until dusk starting in May and running to the end of August. We have revamped our training program where we will be signing up instructors and students online. Even if you can’t commit to an entire summer of teaching, our new system will allow you to contribute when it fits your schedule.

Please contact our training coordinator Brian Burkif you would like to volunteer. We will be holding instructor's sessions in the later part of April in preparation of training to start on May 3rd.