Election Results & New Youth Board Member

Hi Folks,

Before getting to the election results, I'm very pleased to announce that the Board has appointed a new Youth Board Member for the next year.  

Please welcome Julien Klockow to his new role!  Many of you know him because he flies often at the field.  If you don't I encourage you to introduce yourself.  His picture will show up on the Contacts page soon.

The election is over, and as you might expect, the 5 candidates for the open 5 positions were elected.  Our Secretary, Mark Weber, has tallied the votes below.

I want to welcome two new members to the board, Chris Randall and Bill Mears.  Their willingness to serve and help do the business of the club is highly appreciated.

Shai Hinitz, Mark Weber, and Martin Rhode were all appointed earlier this year or late last year to fill vacancies.  They have all been extremely helpful and great assets to the club leadership.

We had great leadership in the past but life gets in the way and some had to move on.  I have high confidence in our new board members, and the entire team.  By and large the club is in good shape, and we'll continue to make improvement.

Get to know some board members.  Let them know how you think the club is doing, and what we can do better.

Happy Landings,

Brian D. Kelly, President


Election Results:

Shai Hinitz 33 Votes (21%)

Chris Randall 31 votes (20%)

Bill Mears 28 votes (18%)

Mark Weber 36 votes (23%)

Martin Rhode 29 votes (18%)

Total Votes: 157

Total Voters: 42