October 2019 Club Meeting

Brian Kelly (BK1) will present 44 Years in Aviation: his grandfather’s narrated story and 8mm movies taken during his long career with United Airlines (originally Boeing Air Transport) from 1932-1975 a period which spanned from cotton and wood airplanes to Apollo and the Concorde.  It also includes a significant historical event at the 1960 Gold Cup races on Lake Washington.  If the DVD machine does not cooperate, Brian will show the presentation used at recent STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) events for middle school kids and the Audubon Society, showing how to calculate a number of basic airplane characteristics, and relating that to the trainer they flew.

We will also accept nominations for the 2019 Board of Directors Election for 2020 positions and open the online ballot.

Please join us for our MAR/C monthly general club meeting at the Lake Washington School District Administration Center, in Redmond, Washington.

Everyone is welcome, including non-members -- you only need to have an interest in the R/C hobby. See you there!


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Lake Washington School District Administration Center, 16250 NE 74th St, Redmond, Washington 98052