Fun-Scale Clinic Saturday

Come this Saturday morning, July 2, from 9-11 to learn how to compete in a Fun-Scale contest.  (Sunday will be the weather alternate).

  • Practice flying your maneuvers, get coaching, and learn about the judging criteria for both static (appearance) and flight.  
  • Two classes:  Fun Scale, and More Fun Scale.  Almost any ARF that is advertised as a model of a real aircraft type can qualify for More Fun Scale, and the maneuvers are easy.
  • It's mostly about flying in a realistic manner. Only 15% of the score is appearance of the plane. 

Come to the clinic this Saturday July 2 to remove any mystery about it.  Click READ MORE below to see all the criteria and score sheets  

-- Brian Kelly (BK1)


Marymoor R/C Field

Fun Scale Meet Saturday, July 9!

Join us Saturday July 9th for a great day of contests, warbirds and a BBQ!

MaR/C will be hosting a Fun-Scale Model Contest.  

Warbird Fun Flying and demonstrations will happen between Scale competition rounds.

Great for the whole family!   BBQ at noon.

Volunteers are still needed.  Please free to reach out to the Board if your'e interested in Volunteering.

Mowing Wednesday 3-5 This Week

THIS WEEK, due to weather, the Friday mowing will happen on WEDNESDAY afternoon between 3 and 5.

Our normal mowing schedule is shown on the lower right side of the Home page of our website, as follows:

  • The field is closed to flying when mowing is in progress.  Mowing must take precedence when our volunteer groundskeepers come to the field to mow. 

  • When permitted by weather and availability of our volunteers, mowing is scheduled at these times:

               Monday or Tuesday Mowing             11:30 am - 1:00 pm.

Open House Saturday!!

From 9:00 - 4:00, and the forecast is looking good!  

Please bring your best stuff to show off for the public.  We will be letting them a little ways into the pit area for a closer look at things.  We'll keep them behind the tables, so your flying won't be affected.

SupaTim Hanstine of Northwest Hobbies will be there to fly some of his big, very aerobatic stuff.  His 3D routines are an inspiration, even if you're not a 3D pilot.


Lessons Learned, Instructors, and Fun

  • Lessons from a recent crash outside our boundary
  • Instructors needed for Training Tuesdays
  • Our rules, Simplified
  • Mount Rainier club summer events

New (or old?) Lessons Learned:

Outfits like the military and airlines strive for a modern safety culture. One that is NOT punitive, so that lessons can be shared, for obvious benefit. I'm sharing this with the blessing of the pilot who had a recent accident.