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Board election results,     Field Improvement Project

Renew your membership,     Ideas for 2023 Club Meetings and Field Events,

Volunteer for Web Redesign     Volunteer for Field Maintenance, 

Prepare your stuff for winter storage


Board Member Election Results, and New Treasurer

Steve Woodward was elected to the board for the first time and has graciously volunteered to be our new treasurer.  Mike Powell has done super job of keeping all our finances straight for about 10 years and is now enjoying “retirement” from the board.  Brian D. Kelly (BK1) and Brian L. Kelly (BK2) were both re-elected.

In this month’s board meeting, the board voted to keep the officer and other positions as they have been except for the change in treasurer. 

  • President                                             Brian D. Kelly (BK1)

  • Vice President                                     Shai Hinitz

  • Secretary                                             Mark Weber

  • Treasurer                                            Steve Woodward

  • Safety and Field Operations             Bill Mears

  • Training and Proficiency                   Brian Burk

  • Events                                                 Chris Randall

  • Youth Board Member                         Julian Klockow

  • Member at Large                                Martin Rohde

  • Member at Large                                Brian L. Kelly (BK2)


Field Improvement Project

Our plan is ongoing to install a 20X20 Tuffshed storage unit for the training fleet, a permanent nice looking charging shelter, and move the mower storage container.  We are in the process of getting all the necessary permits.  It is arduous, but we will get there.  We believe we will break ground in 2023.  One of the best parts is that our Special Use Agreement will be replaced with a CPG (Community Project Grant) agreement that gives us access to funding from King County Parks for this and future projects.


Update your Membership Please!

As you know, MAR/C membership is per calendar year, so please renew soon.  Before you do, check your AMA membership, and extend it if necessary so you are covered for all of 2023.  This is necessary because your AMA membership expires a year after your last renewal, not with calendar year.


Ideas for 2023 Club Meetings and Field Events:

Chris Randall, our Events Manager has generated the following list of ideas for club meetings in the new year. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  If you have ANY ideas or know someone who could give an interesting presentation or demonstration, let us know at

  • UW Students present their Design-Build-Fly Project

  • Radio Programming

  • Spring Fling Swap Meet

  • Youth Introduction to RC Flight with a local Boy and Girl Scout troops at the field

  • Memorial Day Warbird and other Scale Model Fly-In with Vets invited to the field

  • MAR/C Open House, Air Show, and Model Display

  • Dusk Fun Fly with lighted planes

  • BBQ at the field

  • Aerobatic Training

  • Crashed Airplane Repair

  • F-4 Phantom – A Viet Nam Pilot’s Perspective from flying in the Navy and Air Force


Website Re-Design

We have a design for a modern, cool, and easier to use home page.  But we need technical help finishing the implementation. If you know how to configure a Drupal theme and integrate PHP code, please reach out to


Volunteers Needed for Field Maintenance

Our hard-working field maintenance volunteers could really use your help.  If you can help and get a little exercise in the bargain, please let us know at


And, it’s winter!

Be sure and check out our Facebook group for 3D Ken’s instructions on how to use the PROPANE HEATER he has installed at the field.  It’s fantastic!!

If you’re not out there putting planes on skis like 3D Ken, don’t forget to prepare your Stuff for some time off:

  • LiPo Batteries:  Make sure your batteries are charged at “storage” level – around 3.7 to 3.8 volts per cell.  Use the “Storage” setting on your charger if it has one.

  • For gas and glow planes, empty your fuel tanks completely, and run the engine until it quits from fuel starvation to get all the fuel out of the carburetor.  You can also take this time to install new fuel lines and filters, so you don’t have brittle, leaky fuel lines in the spring when it’s time to fly.  If you spend some $ and install the new type of Sullivan fuel lines, you’ll never have to do it again.


Happy Holidays, and Happy Landings,

Brian D. Kelly (BK1)