Last Call for Pledges for Field Renovation

If you don't spend all your money at the swap meet Saturday, please consider making a pledge to donate to the new charging shelter and "garage" to add class and utility to our field.

The deadline for pledges is tomorrow, March 9.

We have a Board of Director's meeting tomorrow evening at 5:00, so having all the information about pledges will be most useful as we develop the full costs and financial plan.

Send no money. A pledge is a promise to donate that amount when we commit to the project, which may also require a modest dues surcharge for a couple years, in which case the entire membership will vote. So you get a say.

To pledge, please send an email to

For more information have a look at the News item from Feb 24 entitled, "Investing in your Classic, Beautiful Airfield". It includes reasons for this significant investment and a link to a presentation and Q&A. And don't forget to send us your ideas and critique!

May your successful landings equal your takeoffs,

Brian (BK1)