Investing in your Classic, Beautiful Airfield

While you're getting ready for the swap meet, help us with a big decision.


It is time for a significant investment in the appearance and utility of our field.  More numerous and useful charging stations are needed and we need more storage space.  But there is a bigger reason to give our buildings a more permanent and professional look.  Dare I say, even classy?  


One of the best things about our airfield is that we are in a fishbowl.   Everyone gets to see us as they drive through the park, and realize there is a cool, unique hobby called model aviation.  Nearly all of our new members and friends find us this way.


Of course we should look our best, but there is more to it.  The appearance of our little permanent shed is good, but it isn’t very useful.  You would have to admit that the “look” of our useful structures kind of screams “temporary”, or “only camping here for a while”.  I’m referring to our shipping containers and dumpster next to the tented charging stations.


Sometime soon, the park will revise their “Master Plan” for the first time in 25 years.  Last time, we were at risk of not being an essential park-like function.  Before the Master Plan happens, we want to make this improvement.  Before we go ahead, we want to negotiate a new Special Use Agreement with the park that ensures our presence in the future.


1.  Please click this link for Q & A and a presentation – it will take you two minutes to get the idea.


Field Improvements


2.  We are asking members to voluntarily pledge donations (see the link above for pledge levels).  Pledges may be kept anonymous if you desire.  Our financial condition is not good enough to do this project and keep a prudent reserve in case we need a new mower, or worst case, have to relocate someday.  This is only a promise, contingent on our final commitment to do the project – do not send money yet – but please do send a note to the club secretary before March 9 indicating how much you promise to donate to this project:


(you may have to copy and paste, or type this email address into your email system)


3.  After we know the pledged donations, we will refine our cost estimates and determine whether any increases in dues or temporary dues surcharges for 1-3 years would be required to get our bank account back to a healthy level.  At that point, and after feedback and ideas from all of you, we can make a final proposal to the membership.  If any changes to dues or surcharges are needed, the whole membership will vote whether to proceed.



4.  Finally, send us any ideas you have, whether you just want to state a need or send us a sketch of how you would do it.  Even the details of how you would arrange charging stations and tables under the new shelter would be interesting.


This is a big decision for the club.  Please send us your ideas and comments, and consider pledging.


On behalf of the board, and myself, thank you.  


See you at the field,


 -- BK1


Brian D. Kelly