We only have ONE instructor signed up for tomorrow (Tuesday 5-8:00), and 15 students.

  • PLEASE come to training from 5-8 if you can be an instructor.  Come even if you cannot be there the whole time.  

  • Come even if you do not feel qualified to instruct, because you might be able to help in another capacity and free up someone who can instruct.

  • It's a very satisfying way to give back to the hobby.  Remember, somebody volunteered their time to teach you!

4th of July Notice

Just a heads up. There will be no Flight Training on July 4th for the holiday. Training will resume the following week.

This means that the general membership can fly in the late afternoon and evening on July 4th!

Hope everyone has a great holiday!

DO Click on This!

Sorry about so much email lately.  I do try to be selective.

This one IS important.  AMA sent you an email last week asking you to click on a link which would automate sending a letter to your US Representative asking them to approve an amendment to the FAA reauthorization bill.