Transmitter Programming Links

Hi All,

At last night's meeting, the topic was programming your transmitter to make flying easier and more fun, including use of Flight Modes.

Whether you attended or not, these links may be of interest.  The first two are available on our website in the Training and Education pull-down menu.

Aero 101, Part 3 

Upcoming Events

We had a great turnout at the Club meeting this month. If you haven't been to a meeting in a while, I highly recommend joining. The February meeting will be held on Thursday the 16th at 6PM at the Redmond community Center. Feel free to bring Show and Tell to the meeting as we reserve time after the main topic for people to show off interesting projects. For the main program, we plan discussing advanced radio features. All the radio brands have additional programming and mixing modes that can help improve the flight characteristics of your airplane.

Club Meeting Reminder

Don't forget to attend the club meeting the Thursday at 6pm. The University of Washington Design/Build/Fly team will be presenting their plans for the 2023 AIAA contest.

Also, check out the Updated Calendar on our website for upcoming events for 2023. Lots of events planned!