Flight Proficiency Check



  • MAR/C requires Proficiency Check Flights for all new members. A “New Member” is defined as someone who has not been a member for the calendar year immediately preceding the year of application.
  • New members will be issued a Provisional MAR/C membership card that is not valid for solo flight until the Proficiency Check has been completed satisfactorily.
  • Proficiency Checks will be administered by club designated Check Pilots that are listed below.
  • New members are requested to contact a designated Check Pilot and arrange a mutually agreeable date and time for a Proficiency Check Flight.
  • The minimum plane type for the Check Flight is the club standard 4 channel trainer (Alpha 40 for glow flyers or the Apprentice 15e for electric flyers) or an equivalent 4 channel plane.
  • The minimum helicopter type for the Check Flight is one that has collective pitch. Helicopters with fixed pitch or counter rotating blades may not be used.
  • Check Pilots will conduct a briefing at the field covering Field Operating Rules, the AMA National Safety Code and will point out the Flying Area Boundaries and Markers.
  • Check Pilots will adopt a “Let me see you fly” attitude and will observe the new member’s overall flying skills, conformance with the rules, exercises good judgment and demonstrated safety consciousness without prompting or interference.
  • Satisfactory performance will result in the Check Pilot’s endorsement of the provisional badge, which may then be used for solo flight until a permanent MAR/C badge is received.  Check pilot shall notify Membership Chairman of satisfactory flight performance.
  • New members whose performance does not meet the desired standard may choose to be referred to the MAR/C Training Program or may elect to improve their R/C skills in an informal manner with a qualified RC pilot.
  • Until the Check Flight Requirement is accomplished, solo flight with a provisional card is prohibited.
  • New members who are not yet 12 years of age may be cleared for solo flight after passing the Check Flight noted above.  However, flyers who have been certified for solo flight and who are not yet 12 years of age are required, at all times to, to fly under the supervision of a MAR/C club member who is at least 18 years of  age  and will be responsible for compliance with all MAR/C  and AMA rules.
  • When flying at the MAR/C flying field, membership badge must be worn at all times.

Check Pilots:

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